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ISA TR18.2.7-2017 provides guidance on how to integrate packaged systems (PSs) into a BPCS-based centralized alarm system. The scope includes discussing various issues that can arise when ISA-18.2 work processes are applied to facilities where PSs are used, and providing guidance on how to successfully apply ISA-18.2 in these situations.

Within the context of this report, a packaged system (PS) can be visualized as existing outside of the BPCS. It is a separate entity, usually containing an embedded microprocessor, controller or hardwired logic, which performs specific tasks for a piece of equipment or a process operating within a facility. Most PSs can be configured to send alarm or status information to a BPCS, directly to an alarm annunciation system, or both.

While not the primary emphasis of this report, some discussion is included of PSs that are stand-alone and also those that are only partially integrated with a BPCS.

PSs can take many forms but have several common characteristics. Typically, PSs combine multiple elements such as process equipment, embedded control systems (typically PLC), and instruments.