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This Recommended Practice serves as a guideline for designing fixed lighting for parking facilities. Its recommendations only apply to the design of new lighting systems for parking facilities. The interior and exterior lighting recommendations given here are for the reasonably safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in parking facilities. Methods of enhancing personal security and deterring of vandalism, while conserving energy and minimizing maintenance, are also addressed. This Practice should be considered a minimum guideline, subject to changes based on sound engineering judgment. The illuminance requirements of a parking facility are affected by layout, operation, and vehicular traffic safety issues, plus the visibility and security needs of pedestrians walking to or from their vehicles. This Practice notes significant differences between parking lots and parking garages. Garages usually require supplemental daytime illuminance in above-ground facilities, and full day and night lighting for underground facilities. Because the lighting equipment, security aspects, and illuminance needs between lots and garages differ significantly, this Practice is divided into two parts. The lighting recommendations given in this Practice do not apply to public roads, bikeways and walkways, curb parking along streets, or airport parking facilities. Guidance for lighting these areas can be found in other IESNA Practices.

Document History

  1. IES RP-20-14

    Lighting for Parking Facilities (Revised 2016)

    • Most Recent
  2. IES RP-20-98


    Lighting for Parking Facilities

    • Historical Version