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The IESNA Lighting Handbook is an indispensable reference for industry professionals and is known as the "Bible of Lighting." Included in one comprehensive volume is everything one needs to know about lighting - explanations of concepts, techniques, applications, procedures and systems, as well as detailed definitions, tasks, charts and diagrams. Full color illustrations exemplify important concepts and expert contributions ensure technical accuracy. The 9th edition is new and extremely important to all lighting professionals, particularly the Lighting Design Guide (Chapter 10) which replaces the former illuminance recommendation table and changes the way lighting issues for the next millenium are considered.

CD-Rom format comes with a program called Bookworm that allows the user to view the document

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Document History

  1. IES HB-10-11

    The IES Lighting Handbook, Tenth Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. IES HB-9-2000


    IESNA Lighting Handbook

    • Historical Version