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This recommended practice covers design, manufacturing, and testing of controlled semiconductor power rectifiers for dc traction power systems.


This recommended practice provides common terminology and standard design, manufacturing, and testing criteria specific to controlled rectifiers supplying power to traction power systems, for use by manufacturers, specifiers, and users. Design architectures, calculation methods and limits, test methods and acceptance criteria for controlled rectifiers will be defined to allow for objective evaluation and acceptance of controlled rectifiers from different vendors.


New IEEE Standard - Active - Draft. The recommended practice covers design, manufacturing, and testing unique to the application of thyristor controlled power rectifiers for dc supplied transportation substation applications up to 1500 V dc nominal output. The recommended practice includes both forward rectifier with power flow from ac to dc, and reversible rectifiers with bidirectional power flow; it is intended to address traction power substation rectifiers that are to be provided as part of a rectifier transformer unit or are provided separately. Application information and extensive definitions of related technical terms are included.