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This standard applies to all high-voltage enclosed indoor or outdoor, and non-enclosed indoor or outdoor, switches rated in excess of 1000 V. This includes such switch types as disconnecting, selector, horn-gap, grounding, etc., for manual or power operation. The following switch types are not covered by this standard: distribution-enclosed, singlepole switches and distribution cutouts fitted with disconnecting blades; switches used in metal-enclosed gear covered by IEEE Std C37.20.2-1993, IEEE Std C37.20.3-1987, and IEEE Std C37.20.4-1996; and switches used in padmounted switchgear covered by IEEE Std C37.71-1984, ANSI C37.72-1987, and PC37.73 (Draft 8, Feb. 95)


Revision Standard - Superseded. Required ratings and constructional requirements for switches above 1000 V are described. Superseded by IEEE Std C37.30.1-2011

Document History

  1. IEEE C37.30-1997


    IEEE Standard Requirements for High Voltage Switches

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE C37.30-1992

    IEEE Standard Requirements for High Voltage Air Switches

    • Historical Version
  3. IEEE C37.30-1971

    American National Standard Definitions and Requirements for High-Voltage Air Switches, Insulators, and Bus Supports

    • Historical Version