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New IEEE Standard - Superseded. Superseded by IEEE Std 802.1D-1998 An architecture for the interconnection of IEEE 802¿¿ Local Area Networks (LANs) below the MAC Service boundary is defined. MAC Bridges, as specified by this standard, allow communications between end stations attached to separate LANs, each with its own separate MAC, to be transparent to logical link control (LLC) and network layer protocols, just as if the stations were attached to the same LAN.

Document History

  1. IEEE 802.1D-2004

    IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks: Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 802.1D-1998

    IEEE Standard for Local Area Network MAC (Media Access Control) Bridges

    • Historical Version
  3. IEEE 802.1D-1990


    Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges

    • Historical Version

Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata

  1. IEEE 802.6k-1992

    IEEE Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Supplement to Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges IEEE Standard 802.6 Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) Subnetwork of a MAN

  2. IEEE 802.1j-1996

    Supplement to Information technology-Telecommunications and information exchange between systems- Local area networks-Media access control (MAC) bridges: Managed objects for MAC bridges