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This supplement will define the physical layer requirements (channelization, hopping patterns, new values for current MIB attributes, and other requirements to extend the operation of 802.11 WLANs to new regulatory domains (countries).


The current 802.11 standard defines operation in only a few regulatory domains (countries). This supplement will add the requirements and definitions necessary to allow 802.11 WLAN equipment to operate in markets not served by the current standard.


Amendment Standard - Superseded. This amendment specifies the extensions to IEEE Std 802.11 A? for Wireless Local AreaNetworks providing specifications for conformant operation beyond the original six regulatory domains of that standard. These extensions provide a mechanism for an IEEE Std 802.11 access point to deliver the required radio transmitter parameters to an IEEE Std 802.11 mobile station,which allows that station to configure its radio to operate within the applicable regulations of ageographic or political subdivision. This mechanism is applicable to all IEEE Std 802.11 PHYtypes. A secondary benefit of the mechanism described in this amendment is the ability for anIEEE Std 802.11 moble station to roam between regulatory domains