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This amendment defines a physical (PHY) layer specification and defines modifications to the medium access control (MAC) layer specification that enables operation of a wake-up radio (WUR). The wake-up frames carry only control information. The reception of the wake-up frame by the WUR can trigger a transition of the primary connectivity radio out of sleep. The WUR is a companion radio to the primary connectivity radio and meets the same range requirement as the primary connectivity radio. The WUR devices coexist with legacy IEEE 802.11 devices in the same band. The WUR has an expected active receiver power consumption of less than one milliwatt.


The purpose of this standard is to provide wireless connectivity for fixed, portable, and moving stations within a local area. This standard also offers regulatory bodies a means of standardizing access to one or more frequency bands for the purpose of local area communication.


Amendment Standard - Active. This amendment defines modifications to both the IEEE 802.11 physical layer (PHY) and the IEEE 802.11 medium access control (MAC) sublayer for wake-up radio operation. (The PDF of this standard is available at no cost to you complements of the IEEE GET program at