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This dictionary is a compilation of IEEE standard glossaries covering the fields of mathematics of computing, computer applications, modeling and simulation, image processing and pattern recognition, data management, and software engineering. Every effort has been made to include all terms within the designated subject areas. Terms were excluded if they were considered to be parochial to one group or organization; company-proprietary or trademarked; multiword terms whose meaning could be inferred from the definitions of the component words; or terms whose meaning in the computer field could be directly inferred from their standard English meaning.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. Identifies terms currently in use in the computer field. Standard definitions for those terms are established. Compilation of IEEE Stds IEEE Std 1084, IEEE Std 610.2, IEEE Std 610.3, IEEE Std 610.4, IEEE Std 610.5 and IEEE Std 610.12