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The scope of this family of standards is to provide for open systems communications in healthcare applications, primarily between bedside medical devices and patient care information systems, optimized for the acute care setting. The scope of this document is to provide the overall definition of the family of standards. It does so by defining a conceptual model, an information model, and a communications model for medical device communications and by specifying constraints for conformance to the set of standards.


The purpose of the family of standards is to allow hospitals and other healthcare providers to allow medical instrumentation to interface with computerized healthcare information systems in a manner that is compatible with the acute care environment. The purpose of this document is to define the overall architecture for communications between medical devices and host computers and to provide a roadmap to the overall family of standards. This document defines certain logical and functional entities, and as such no particular implementation is implied by this standard.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. An overall definition of the IEEE 1073 family of standards is provided, describing the interconnection and interoperation of medical devices with computerized healthcare information systems in a manner suitable for the clinical environment.