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Modify the present FGA standard to include floating gate "flash" EEPROM's that use Fowler-Nordheim tunneling and/or hot electron injection programming techniques. Hot electron injection EPROM's are included for completeness.


Flash EEPROM technology is not currently included in the standard, but is a rapidly growing technology in terms of use. This amendment defines terms used in this technology, explains its operation and limitation. It is intended to assist users in selecting, specifying, using and testing Floating Gate Memory Arrays.


Revision Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. This standard describes the underlying physics and the operation of floating gate memory arrays, specifically, UV erasable EPROM, byte rewritable E 2 PROMs, and block rewritableflash EEPROMs. In addition, reliability hazards are covered with focus on retention, endurance,and disturb. There are also clauses on the issues of testing floating gate arrays and their hardness to ionizing radiation.

Document History

  1. IEEE 1005-1998


    IEEE Standard for Definitions, Symbols, and Characterization of Floating Gate Memory Arrays

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 1005-1991

    IEEE Standard Definitions and Characterization of Floating Gate Semiconductor Arrays

    • Historical Version