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Seat displacement outlets are more and more widely used in actual engineering projects in China. It is hard to predict the temperature and velocity distributions in rooms ventilated by this kind of diffuser with conventional jet theory method. However, a numerical method,which is also know as the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method, is powerful for predicting airflow in such complicated rooms, which are three dimensional, onisothermal, and with occupants and furniture inside them. The N-point momentum model for describing inlet boundary conditions,a new zero-equation turbulence model, and an error pretreatment method for solving algebraic equations are combined into the simplified methodology for indoor airflow simulation. Then the air distribution in a room ventilated by seat displacement outlets is simulated by the methodology. Comparisons of the calculated results and the measured data show that the air distribution may be rightly simulated by the methodology. Therefore, the simplified methodology may be applied for designing and analyzing the air distribution in chair-ventilated rooms.

Units: SI

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 108, pt. 2