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Due to customer demands to purchase the book Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications on-line, it has been divided into three separate books that are now on-line at CSSINFO. Book Two concerns Software Engineering Support Standards such as configuration management, documentation, project management, quality assurance, and verification and validation. It contains an overview of 157 standards that focus on the software engineering processes required to support the development and maintenance of software. The standards are produced by over 40 well known originating bodies operating though out the world, such as ISO, IEEE, or IEC, to the very unique standards produced by such agencies as the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. This book is a must-have book for all software engineers searching for the right standards for developing software. This book summarizes the overview of each standard, in 250 words, and provides the intended use, the official title of the standard, and the way to obtain it. Why purchase a standard and then find out it is wrong for the job? This directory will give you the information necessary to make informed purchasing decisions for less than fifty cents per standard! This book is the only software engineering standards directory in existence. It is a must for any software engineers reference library!