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This bulletin, CEA-CEB12-B, provides guidance for the development and implementation of Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP)-compliant receivers, cable-ready DTV receivers, personal recorders and other consumer electronics devices. It includes recommendations and suggestions for device functionality. CEA-CEB12-B should in no way prohibit consumer device manufacturers from including additional features, and CEA-CEB12-B should not be interpreted as recommending an upper limit to device performance. Numerous possible PSIP implementation scenarios could be considered. However, CEA-CEB12-B does not include an exhaustive classification of the possibilities, rather, some simpler scenarios are addressed. CEA-CEB12-B assumes that the user sets up the receiver without professional assistance and that setup is menu-driven, simple and mostly automatic. It is possible, however, that receivers may be professionally installed and set up by trained technicians. CEA-CEB12-B does not currently address receivers that have built-in satellite receiving capability, nor receivers that access EPG databases using phone lines. Nor does it address cable set top boxes, satellite boxes, VCRs, DVD players or other auxiliary devices or connections. CEA-CEB12-B uses the terminology defined in ATSC A/65 and should be read in conjunction with ATSC A/65. NOTE -- Designers should be aware that there are FCC regulations that may apply to functions described in this CEA-CEB12-B. While every reasonable attempt was made to have this CEA-CEB12-B conform to those regulations in place as of the date of publication, implementers are cautioned to read and understand all applicable regulations.