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1.1 This Standard specifies the requirements for an EQ program for nuclear power plants (NPPs) (see Figure 1). The EQ program comprises a set of planned and coordinated activities establishing auditable assurance that equipment will
a) perform safety functions in a harsh environment following the DBA(s) for which it is credited; and
b) meet or exceed its functional and performance requirements, taking into consideration the effects of normal service.
1.2 Equipment demonstrated to be in a mild environment after a DBA are not subject to the requirements of this Standard.
Note: Post-DBA harsh environment conditions addressed by an EQ program are a subset of service conditions required to be addressed as part of overall equipment qualification. Service conditions can also include seismic, severe weather, external floods, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, and fire. Equipment qualification to demonstrate performance in these conditions is outside of this Standard?s scope. For further guidance on the equipment qualification process, see IEC/IEEE 60780-323.

1.3 This Standard presents the requirements for establishing and preserving EQ to confirm the adequacy of the equipment to meet its design intent.
This Standard addresses the effects of aging on equipment required to mitigate the consequences of a DBA. This Standard addresses the need to minimize common cause failure under accident conditions.

1.4 The requirements established herein are to be used for the preservation of EQ during maintenance or modification of equipment and systems and are to be used in the procurement of equipment and parts.

1.5 DEC survivability assessments are outside the scope of an EQ program. However, this Standard provides optional guidance (see Annex B) on how to demonstrate, with reasonable confidence, that equipment and instrumentation credited to operate during DEC will be capable of performing their intended safety function(s) under the expected environmental conditions.
Note: For general requirements on beyond design basis accidents (BDBAs), see CSA N290.16.

1.6 In cases of conflict between this Standard and other Standards which it references, this Standard takes precedence.

Document History

  1. CSA N290.13:18


    Environmental qualification of equipment for nuclear power plants

    • Most Recent
  2. CSA N290.13-05 (R2015)

    Environmental Qualification of Equipment for CANDU Nuclear Power Plants, Includes Update No. 1 (2009)

    • Historical Version