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Computer simulations of multizone air flow and contaminant transport were performed in four large buildings using the program CONTAM88. Describes the physical characteristics of the buildings and their idealisations as multizone building air flow systems. These buildings include a twelve-storey apartment building, a five-storey mechanically ventilated office building with an atrium, a seven-storey mechanically ventilated office building with an underground parking garage, and a one-storey school building. The air change rates and interzonal air flows of these buildings are predicted for a range of wind speeds, indoor-outdoor temperature differences, and percentages of outdoor air intake in the supply air. Simulations of radon transport were also performed in the buildings to investigate the effects of indoor-outdoor temperature difference and wind-speed on indoor radon concentrations.

KEYWORDS: year 1995, air flow, radon, air pollution, indoor, calculating, buildings, offices, schools, flats, computer programs, properties, atria, car parks, underground, garages, air change rate, temperature difference, wind speed, air infiltration

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Trans. 1995, Vol.101, Part 1, Paper number CH-95-1-1, 525-527