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1. Scope


This Standard is intended as a specification for the certification of products as suitable for installation as roadway noise barriers.


This Standard is also intended to specify the requirements for certification of the installation of individual barrier sites.


This Standard is also intended to specify the requirements for noise barrier design and materials. Note:

This Standard may also be used as a guide for other applications, such as noise barriers used to attenuate noise from rail lines and any other situation where noise barriers are required in an exterior application.

Every effort has been made to include specific requirements for common designs, materials, and installation techniques. However, it is impossible to address the proliferation of new materials entering the market on a daily basis, as well as to limit the creativeness of the designer, manufacturer, and contractor.

Therefore, the specific requirements described in this Standard should not be considered all-inclusive. Any new design, material, or installation technique not specifically addressed in this Standard should be evaluated with the general fundamentals of durability, safety, and functionality in mind. To provide some guidance, general requirements based on these fundamentals have been furnished under each of the main headings. In case of conflict between the general requirements and specific requirements, or in the absence of a suitable requirement for a specific product or composite product, the general requirements are intended to override any specific requirements listed.