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Scope This Standard specifies minimum performance and safety requirements for ventilatory resuscitators intended for use with all age groups. It specifies the performance of manually cycled, operator-powered, and gas-powered ventilatory resuscitators that are generally intended for use in emergency situations to provide lung ventilation to individuals whose breathing is inadequate. For gas-powered resuscitators, requirements are included for the gas supply. Resuscitators for infants and children are designated according to body mass range.

Devices such as an inhalator that have been designed only to deliver gases to a patient breathing adequately and devices that are intended to assist or provide for the ventilation of a patient for an extended period of time are not covered by this Standard.

Electrically powered resuscitators are not covered by this Standard. Note: Gas-powered devices with electrical components, controls, or both, are covered by this Standard.

In this Standard, ""shall"" indicates a mandatory requirement; ""should"" indicates a recommendation, or that which is advised but not mandatory.

This Standard includes Canadian Deviations and Editorial Changes.