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About This Item


Full Description

BS EN ISO 7198:2017 specifies requirements for the evaluation of vascular prostheses and requirements with respect to nomenclature, design attributes and information supplied by the manufacturer, based upon current medical knowledge. Guidance for the development of in vitro test methods is included in an informative annex to this International Standard. This International Standard can be considered as a supplement to ISO 14630:2012, which specifies general requirements for the performance of non-active surgical implants.

NOTE Due to the variations in the design of implants covered by this International Standard and, in some cases, due to the relatively recent development of some of these implants (e.g. bioabsorbable vascular prostheses, cell based tissue engineered vascular prostheses), acceptable standardized in vitro tests and clinical results are not always available. As further scientific and clinical data become available, appropriate revision of this International Standard will be necessary.

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All current amendments available at time of purchase are included with the purchase of this document.

Document History

  1. BS EN ISO 7198:2017


    Cardiovascular implants and extracorporeal systems. Vascular prostheses. Tubular vascular grafts and vascular patches

    • Most Recent
  2. BS ISO 7198:1998

    Cardiovascular implants. Tubular vascular prostheses

    • Historical Version
  3. BS EN 12006-2:1998+A1:2009

    Non active surgical implants. Particular requirements for cardiac and vascular implants. Vascular prostheses including cardiac valve conduits

    • Historical Version