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About This Item


Full Description

This British Standard gives the UK established method for the structural design of buried pipes under various conditions of loading. The procedures are explained, with tables listing the recommended design values for the appropriate variables in the design formulae, figures providing graphical information on vehicle surcharge loadings, and tables of rigid pipe bedding factors.

NOTE The scope of BS EN 1295-1:2019 is restricted to the structural design of water supply pipelines, drains and sewers, and other water industry pipelines, whether operating at atmospheric, greater or lesser pressure.

Some aspects of longitudinal effects are discussed (see Annex A), but this topic is not fully covered.

The initial selection of options for the pipe material involves consideration of matters beyond structural design and is outside the scope of this standard.

Cross References:
BS EN 1610:2015
BS EN 13242:2002+A1:2007
BS EN 1295-1:2019
BS EN 1992-1-1:2004+A1:2014
BS EN 622-4
BS EN 545
BS EN 598
BS EN ISO 9967
BS 1377
BS ISO 7685
PD CEN/TS 15223
BS EN 295-1
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PD CEN/TR 1295-3:2007
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DWA-A 127-2
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NA to BS EN 1991-2:2003
BS EN 1991-4:2006
PD CEN/TR 1295-2:2005
BS EN 1991-2:2003
BS EN 1990:2002+A1:2005

All current amendments available at time of purchase are included with the purchase of this document.

Document History

  1. BS 9295:2020


    Guide to the structural design of buried pipes

    • Most Recent
  2. BS 9295:2010

    Guide to the structural design of buried pipelines

    • Historical Version