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Full Description

Only the English version of this standard is ANSI approved.

This Standard provides guidance for individuals and organizations intending to undertake the collection and examination of information pursuant to an investigation. It should be noted that although this Standard is intended for use in the private sector, this document may also be applicable to the processes and methods used in the public sector.

This Standard:
  • a) Provides a framework for investigative processes that is intended to enable an organization to identify, develop and implement policies, objectives, protocols and programs;
  • b) Identifies some of the jurisdictional laws and regulations or other obligations that may impact or govern the investigative process and the various ways investigations are used;
  • c) Describes the process for conducting investigations consistent with the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Model;
  • d) Provides confidence that the information was gathered and assessed in a fair, objective, thorough, and purposeful fashion; and
  • e) Provides insight and guidance regarding generally accepted practices relative to the processes and considerations for an investigation.
This Standard is applicable to all organizations that conduct investigations whether using persons who are internal or external to the organization. Annex E provides information for organizations considering the use of external investigators.

Furthermore, the guidance offered is sufficiently generic to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, geographic footprint or nature of their activities, products or services. This Standard is a guidance document and not intended as a specification for third-party certification.