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This document has been withdrawn.

This standard sets forth a standard method for determining the oil-separating capabilities of refrigeriwt discharge line oil separators, lists and defines the terms used, specifies the data required, specifies the methods of computation that should be used, and describes the equipment required for the test. 1.2 This standard is primarily intended for determining the oil-separating characteristics of refrigerant discharge line oil separators with refrigerants in which the oils are partially or completely soluble. 1.3 This standard does not provide a method or technique for establishing published ratings on oil separators. All specifying agencies and personnel are requested not to refer to this standard for that purpose.

This standard provides a test method for determining the oil-separating efficiency of refrigerant discharge line oil separators. The methods of measurement described in this standard, however, can also be used to determine the rate at which oil is introduced by a compressor into its own discharge vapor stream.