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About This Item


Full Description

Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures specifi es requirements for the design, fabrication, testing, assembly, and erection of cold-formed tubular members and connections for steel electrical transmission pole structures. Structure components (members, connections, guys) are selected to resist factored design loads at stresses approaching yielding, buckling, fracture, or any other limiting condition specifi ed in this standard. Distribution, substation, communication, and railroad electric traction structures are not included within the scope of this standard.

Before the initial publication of this standard in 2005, most electric transmission design professionals used ASCE's Engineering Manual and Report on Engineering Practice No. 72 titled Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures as their primary reference for providing a uniform basis for designing, fabricating, testing, assembling, and erecting steel transmission pole structures. The second edition of Manual 72 served as the primary resource document for the development of the original version of this standard, ASCE 48-05. This document is the fi rst revision to this standard and is intended to replace ASCE 48-05 in its entirety.

Units of measurement herein are expressed fi rst in English units followed by the Systems International (SI) units in parentheses. Formulae are based on English units, and, thus, some formulae require a conversion factor to use SI units. The appropriate conversion factor is given after each formula.

Document History

  1. ASCE 48-19

    Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures

    • Most Recent
  2. ASCE 48-11


    Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures

    • Historical Version
  3. ASCE 48-05

    Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures

    • Historical Version