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Please note: With the purchase of this cost savings package, you will receive 1 copy of RP 1175 and 10 corresponding companion guides.

About API RP 1175:
API Recommended Practice (RP) 1175 establishes a framework for Leak Detection Program (LDP) management for hazardous liquid pipelines that are jurisdictional to the U.S. Department of Transportation (specifically, 49 CFR Part 195).
This RP is specifically designed to provide pipeline operators with a description of industry practices in risk-based pipeline LDP management and to provide the framework to develop sound program management practices within a pipeline operator's individual companies. It is important that pipeline operators understand system vulnerabilities, risks, and program management best practices when reviewing a pipeline LDP management process either for a new program or for possible system improvements.
This RP focuses on using a risk-based approach to each pipeline operator's LDP and following the guidance set forth assists in creating an inherently risk mitigating LDP management system. The overall goal of the LDP is to detect leaks quickly and with certainty, thus facilitating quicker shutdown and therefore minimizing negative consequences. This RP focuses on management of LDPs, not the design of leak detection systems (LDSs).

About the API RP 1175 Companion Guide:
The Companion Guide for API RP 1175 is a booklet generated by API that provides information on Leak Detection Programs (LDP) and explains the importance of API RP 1175 in the Industry. The guide is separated into three sections: "Why Do We Need an LDP?", "What Is an LDP?", and "How to Begin Implementing API RP 1175 to Your Company's current Leak Detection System?". Leak detection practitioners will gain value from this document, as it spells out at a high-level the worthwhile concepts of API RP 1175. Managers at all levels, as well as front-line personnel, will also benefit from reading to better understand the goals of effective leak detection in achieving a company's safety culture and efforts to further pipeline safety.