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Full Description

ANS 2.3-2011 (R2016) establishes guidelines to estimate the frequency of occurrence and the magnitude of parameters associated with rare meteorological events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and extreme straight line winds at nuclear facility sites within the continental United States. The parameters addressed include the following: maximum wind speed, e.g., translational, rotational, and total, maximum atmospheric pressure drop, and design basis missile characteristics. Recommended values of these parameters are provided. This standard does not address the forces on structures that result from these physical phenomena.

Keywords: environmental, natural phenomenon

Document History

  1. ANS 2.3-2011 (R2016)


    Estimating Tornado, Hurricane, and Extreme Straight Line Wind Characteristics at Nuclear Facility Sites

    • Most Recent
  2. ANS 2.3-1983 (R2009)

    Standard for Estimating Tornado and Extreme Wind Characteristics at Nuclear Power Sites

    • Historical Version