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Smart building systems are building components that exhibit characteristicsanalogous to human intelligence. These characteristics include drawingconclusions from data or analyses of data rather than simply generating moredata or plots of data, interpreting information or data to reach newconclusions, and making decisions and/or taking action autonomously withoutbeing explicitly instructed or programmed to take the specific action. Thesecapabilities are usually associated with software, but they can also bepossessed by hardware with embedded software code, or firmware. The line betweensystems that are “smart” and “not smart” is blurry, and, for purposes of thischapter, does not need to be absolutely defined. The purpose of this chapter isto introduce readers to emerging technologies that possess some of these smartcharacteristics.Automated Fault Detection and DiagnosticsSensing and Actuating SystemsSmart Grid BasicsNo. of Pages: 18

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications