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Integrated building design (IBD) promotes holisticcollaboration by project team members during all phases of project delivery. Itemphasizes optimizing system solutions based on the project’s objectives, inthe context of whole-building performance. Optimizing system solutions requiresthe participation of all team members. For IBD to succeed and be beneficial,the entire project delivery team must be committed to, understand, and remain engagedin the process, from setting the owner’s program requirements through thecompletion of construction, commissioning, handover and start-up, andoperations and facility management. This chapter provides a working knowledgeof IBD, highlights activities that support collaboration, and helps the HVACdesign professional develop a structured and integrated approach to project delivery.WHY CHOOSE IPD?COLLABORATION AND TEAMWORKTEAMWORKPROCESSPhase DescriptionsPhase 1: Project JustificationPhase 2: Project InitiationPhase 3: Concept DevelopmentPhase 4: DesignPhase 5: Construction PreparationPhase 6: ConstructionPhase 7: Owner AcceptancePhase 8: Use, Operation, and MaintenanceTERMINOLOGYNo. of Pages: 22

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook -- HVAC Applications