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This chapter covers design procedures for gaseous contaminantair-cleaning systems for occupied spaces only. Procedures discussed areappropriate to address odors and gaseous irritants. Removal of contaminants forthe express purpose of protecting building occupants (whether againstdeliberate attack or industrial accidents) or to protect artifacts (such as inmuseums) requires application of the same design principles, but applied morerigorously and with great emphasis on having specific design and performancedata, providing redundancy, and added engineering safety factors. Design forprotection is not a focus of this chapter, although published design guidanceis included and referenced; for more detail, see Chapter 61. Aspects ofair-cleaning design for museums, libraries, and archives are included in Chapter24, and removal of gaseous contaminants from industrial processes and stackgases is covered in Chapter 30 of the 2016 ASHRAEHandbook—HVAC Systems and Equipment.TerminologyGaseous ContaminantsProblem AssessmentContaminant Reduction StrategiesContaminant Removal by Ventilation Air CleaningEquipmentAir Cleaner System DesignSafetyInstallation, Start-Up, and CommissioningOperation and MaintenanceEnvironmental Influences on Air CleanersTesting Media, Equipment, and SystemsNo. of Pages: 23

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications