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A literature survey to identify the available thermodynamic property data for several R-400 series refrigerants and the binary pairs comprising these blends is conducted. The most accurate data are evaluated. Vapor-liquid equilibrium properties (bubble-point pressure and liquid density) and single-phase liquid PVT properties are measured for the binary mixtures R-22/124, R-22/125, R-22/142b, R-22/152a, R-124/142b, and R-124/152a, and also for R-401A (R-22/ 152a/124 [53/13/34]), R-402A (R-125/290/22 [60/2/38]), and R-409A (R-22/124/142b [60/25/15]). Based on the measured thermodynamic property data together with applicable literature data, the binary interaction parameters in the Lemmon-Jacobsen (1999) mixture model are fitted for all mixtures studied. The experimental data are compared with the values calculated from REFPROP 6.0 with the original and with the corrected binary interaction parameters.

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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 110, pt. 2