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It is very important to carry out a fuzzy control experiment in HVAC based on the functioning-fuzzy-subset inference (FFSI). This paper presents a simulation model of the testing room dynamic thermal system (TRDTS), which has been founded to meet the requirements of the fuzzy control experiments in HVAC, and analyzes the dynamic responding characteristics of the model in variable-water-volume systems. Then the simulations of the fuzzy control for the TRDTS are carried out, which are based on the FFSI and compositional rule inference (CRI). The experimental principle, some preparatory experiments, and the experimental processes of the FFSI control and PID control for the TRDTS are introduced in detail. The main factors that affect the performance of the fuzzy control are discussed, and some corresponding improved methods are suggested. According to the experiments, the fuzzy control based on the FFSI is an effective method to be used in HVAC.

Units: SI

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 109, pt. 1