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This standard specifies the minimum security requirements for the effective use of time stamps in a financial services environment. Within the scope of this Standard the following topics are addressed: Requirements for the secure management of the time stamp token across its life cycle, comprised of the generation, transmission and storage, validation, and renewal processes. The requirements in this Standard identify the means to securely and verifiably distribute time from a national time source down to the application level; Requirements for the secure management of a Time Stamp Authority (TSA); Requirements of a TSA to ensure that an independent third party can audit and validate the controls over the use of a time stamp process; Techniques for the coding, encapsulation, transmission, storage, integrity and privacy protection of time stamp data; Usage of time stamp technology.

Document History

  1. X9 X9.95-2016

    Trusted Time Stamp Management and Security

    • Most Recent
  2. X9 X9.95-2005


    Trusted Time Stamp Management and Security

    • Historical Version