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X9.100-182-2011 (Parts 1-2 and TR 40-2011) establishes eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data elements, structures, and schemas that facilitate the bulk delivery of financial data and associated images using a variety of media in a digital format for various business purposes. The framework defined by this standard is independent of a particular network technology or computing platform and is extendable to support new data structures as needs are identified.

Initial release of this standard defines a rich collection of structures that provide for the general delivery of check data and images. This general capability also provides the foundation for the delivery of the specific data and images required to create image replacement documents and deposits. The long-term focus is to support additional business uses associated with the XML based exchange of financial data and images such as wholesale/retail lockbox collections, adjustments, cash letters, etc.

The standard provides the structures necessary to support delivery among multiple financial institutions or their agent(s), financial institutions and their customers, and non-financial institutions. It can also be used to pass information among applications within an institution, facilitating interoperability.

The scope of Part 1 of the Specifications for Bulk Data and Image Delivery is to provide a general overview of the standard. It also defines the structure of its associated Parts. Part 2 (2-1, 2-2, 2-n) provides definitions for image and data delivery for specific purposes. Part 2-1 defines Check General Delivery, Part 2-2 defines IRD Creation Delivery and Part 2-3 defines Electronic Deposit Delivery.