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About This Item


Full Description

Establishes the design and usage requirements of a check fraud deterrent icon (CFDI) for visually communicating the presence of security features on a check. The standard specifies minimal overt security features which meet the requirements for deterring both counterfeiting and alteration that printers are to use prior to printing a check fraud deterrent icon onto a check. This standard also establishes the requirements for use of a check fraud deterrent icon, the location on the check for the icon, and the location of and requirements for the associated warning box and verbiage.

Document History

  1. X9 X9.100-170-2010 (R2017)


    Check Fraud Deterrent Icon (Formerly X9.51)

    • Most Recent
  2. X9 X9.100-170-2004

    Specifications for the Padlock Icon (Formerly X9.51)

    • Historical Version