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Full Description

This standard establishes the design and usage requirements of the padlock icon for visually communicating the presence of security features on a check. The standard specifies characteristics of security features that meet the requirements for use of the padlock icon. Information about specific security features can be found in ASC X9/TG-8. Although overt security features are required to meet the requirements to use the Check Payment Systems Association's (CPSA) registered padlock icon, the additional use of covert security features is allowed on checks and encouraged as further enhancements to deter or identify check fraud.

Document History

  1. X9 X9.100-170-2010 (R2017)

    Check Fraud Deterrent Icon (Formerly X9.51)

    • Most Recent
  2. X9 X9.100-170-2004


    Specifications for the Padlock Icon (Formerly X9.51)

    • Historical Version