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Full Description

This standard specifies certain deposit ticket parameters to aid in the processing of personal size and business size deposit tickets through conventional bank deposit and imaging processes. While this standard does not establish a specific design, orientation and layout for bank deposit tickets, it does provide specifications for a range within which key design elements shall be placed. Other bank specific information is excluded from this specification. This standard will improve the understanding of deposit tickets by providing background information that may be valuable in designing deposit tickets. It is hoped that the use of this standard will result in greater uniformity in several aspects of deposit ticket design that will improve the processing and handling of deposit tickets throughout the entire check processing system.

Document History

  1. X9 X9.100-120-2015 (R2021)

    Bank Deposit Tickets

    • Most Recent
  2. X9 X9.100-120-2010


    Bank Deposit Tickets

    • Historical Version
  3. X9 X9.100-120-2004

    Specifications for Bank Deposit Tickets

    • Historical Version