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Full Description

ASHRAE Research Project RP-1199 developed two new residential heating and cooling loads calculation procedures:

  • Residential Heat Balance (RHB), a detailed heat balance method that requires computer implementation; and
  • Residential Load Factor (RLF), a simplified procedure suitable for hand or spreadsheet use.
A research-oriented FORTRAN implementation of RHB, designated ResHB, was developed using ASHRAE Loads Toolkit as a starting point. ResHB includes algorithms for calculating sensible cooling loads with temperature swing (temperature excursion above the cooling setpoint) and to handle master/slave control (room cooling controlled by a thermostat in another room). ResHB extends Toolkit capabilities to multiple rooms, zones, and systems, thus supporting load calculations for real buildings. Also added were infiltration, internal gain, and duct loss models appropriate for residential problems.

This CD contains the final report from RP-1199, ResHB source code, and other development material produced during the work. The CD includes a license for personal use in research and teaching.

System Requirements: This product's executable software is Windows-specific and is not compatible with iOS/Macintosh systems.

This project was supported in part by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute.

Keywords: residential heating, residential cool, load calculation, heat balance method