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Full Description

This National Standard of Canada provides elements for product conformity assessment and defines assessment methods for products having completed the production phase to assure that they conform to the requirements of the corresponding product standard for Live Working. It is to be used in conjunction with live working corresponding product standards.

The following are not covered by this Standard, but are included in each product standard: type tests; provisions and description for sampling and routine tests; and the identification and classification of the corresponding defects resulting from a risk analysis.

Document History

  1. ULC 61318


    Live Working - Conformity Assessment Applicable to Tools, Devices and Equipment (Identical adoption of IEC 61318, Edition 3.0, 2007) (CAN/ULC 61318)

    • Most Recent
  2. CAN/ULC D61318-03

    Live Working -Guideline for Quality Assurance Plans

    • Historical Version