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These requirements cover discrete electrical control units, communication units, transport products which manipulate the data packets, interfaces, and accessories for mass notification systems. The products covered by this standard are intended to be used in combination with other appliances and devices to form an emergency communication and/or mass notification system. These products are intended to communicate critical information within buildings and/or outdoor areas about emergencies including but not limited to terrorist activities, hazardous chemical releases, severe weather, fire, Amber Alert, and other situations that may endanger the safety of the occupants of an area or facility. Communication is through voice, audible, and/or visual instructions. An installation document(s) provided with the product describes the various products needed to form an emergency communication and/or mass notification system and their intended use and installation. These requirements address emergency service personnel communication system interfaces used in the performance of their duties if that communication equipment is used to interface with or control the Emergency Communication Systems/Mass Notification Systems (ECS/MNS).