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This test method describes the testing procedures and requirements applicable to the classification of interior finish material assemblies by use of a standardized room fire exposure.

This test method is intended for use in the evaluation of the flammability contribution of wall materia l assemblies, ceiling material assemblies, or both, exposed to early fire growth under specified room fir e exposure conditions. The effectivene ss of fire barrier materials as protection for other combustible materials or components within the assembly is of primary interest for this evaluation.

Data with respect to surface flammability characteristics of interior finish materials is provided b y evaluations in accordance with the Standard for Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Buildin g Materials, UL 723, as described in 1.5.

The results obtained by use of this test method are intended to be used as one element of the total body of data used in the processes of selecting and controlling materials for use in building construction.

Related classification information for building materials and assemblies intended for specific end-uses is promulgated under categorical designations in accordance with specified testing procedures. Thes e classification categories are as follows:
a) Surface Burning Characteristics Classification -Establishes the comparative burnin g characteristics of building materia ls and assemblies by measurement of flame spread over exposed surfaces and the de nsity of the smoke developed during the fire exposure period. This test method is described in the Standard for Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials , UL 723.