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Access Control System Units
UL 294

1 Scope
1.1 These requirements apply to the construction, performance, and operation of physical access control equipment and/or systems intended to regulate or control:
  • Entry into and/or exit from a controlled area, protected area or a restricted area or
  • Access to or the use of a device(s) by electrical, electronic or mechanical means.
1.2 The extent of control of entry/exit may include the reporting and recording of related activity. The accuracy of the logged data is not evaluated by this standard.

1.3 This standard defines the minimum requirements as they apply to the construction, performance and operation of such systems, equipment and/or computer equipment as well as recommended characteristics to meet four levels of security performance with Level I (lowest level security equipment) to Level IV (highest level security equipment).

1.4 Where an access control equipment and/or system incorporates the features and functions of a burglar alarm control unit, the requirements of the Standard for Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units and Systems, UL 1076, shall also apply.

1.5 These requirements apply to computer equipment that, when used in conjunction with the main control unit, is necessary to support the operation (granting (authorized) or denying (unauthorized) access) of the access control system. This Standard does not apply to supplementary computer equipment that is not necessary for operation of the access control system if single opens, earth ground faults or wire-to-wire shorts on the circuit connection from the computer to the access control system does not inhibit intended operation.

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  3. UL 294

    Access Control System Units

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