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By order of the publisher, historical UL documents are not returnable for any reason. Once you place an order for an historical document, we cannot issue a refund, credit, or exchange of any kind.

This Standard applies to the safety of MEDICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (as defined in Sub-clause 2.2.15).

Although this Standard is primarily concerned with safety, it contains some requirements regarding reliable operation where this is connected with safety.

SAFETY HAZARDS resulting from the intended physiological function of EQUIPMENT covered by this Standard are not considered.

Appendices in this Standard are not mandatory unless made so by an explicit statement in the main text.

Document History

  1. UL 60601-1

    Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1: General Requirements for Safety

    • Most Recent
  2. UL 2601-1


    Medical Electrical Equipment: General Requirements for Safety

    • Historical Version