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Grease Filters for Exhaust Ducts

UL 1046

1 Scope

1.1 Products covered by these requirements are single-stage and multi-stage grease filters. These grease filters are intended for installation and use in accordance with the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, NFPA No. 96 and the International Mechanical Code (IMC).

1.1 revised effective August 6, 2012

1.2 Grease extraction devices integral to the exhaust hoods that use them and other filter devices designed to be used in only the specific manufacturer?s hoods are not covered by this standard but are tested under the Standard for Exhaust Hoods for Commercial Cooking Equipment, UL 710, or the Standard for Recirculating Systems, UL 710B, or the Outline for Ultraviolet Radiation Systems for Use in the Ventilation Control of Commercial Cooking Operations, Subject 710C.

1.2 revised effective August 6, 2012

1.3 The test methods described in this standard pertain to filters used in exhaust hoods for commercial cooking operations. The primary function of these devices and the capability of devices tested in this standard are to prevent flames from penetrating into the exhaust system beyond the hood collar. The terms grease and oil are used interchangeably in this standard

1.3 revised effective August 6, 2012

1.4 Filters are investigated to determine their abilities to:

a) Limit the projection of flames downstream when subjected to flames on the upstream face, after having been loaded with grease in a manner representative of cooking that produces a grease-rich exhaust,

b) Drain any collected grease in such a manner that it does not fall back onto the cooking surface.

1.4 revised effective August 6, 2012

1.5 The standard does not measure capture efficiency or physical robustness of the grease filter device or other factors that do not directly affect user or fire safety. Note: Capture efficiency of a kitchen hood filter can be measured using ASTM F2519 "Standard Test Method for Grease Particle Capture Efficiency of Commercial Kitchen Filters and Extractors".

1.5 revised effective August 6, 2012

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