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This sequel to Total Quality for Schools: A Suggestion for American Education describes total quality and how to make it succeed in education. Included are checklists, survey samples, suggestions for starting and implementing quality initiatives, quality tools and their use, and charts-all specifically designed for school leaders. CONTENTS Step 1--Learn About and Understand Total Quality Management Thoroughly/Step 2--Understand and Adapt to a Continual Improvement Philosophy/Step 3--Assess Your Current Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program/Step 4--Develop a Total Quality System/Step 5--Prepare People for Change and Develop Teams/Step 6--Learn to Attack Root Causes/Step 7--Select and Pilot a Continual Improvement Project/Step 8--Apply a Corrective Action Procedure/Step 9--Considerations for Leading a Total Quality Effort/Step 10--Seek Profound Knowledge