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This standard is applicable to all countries and any type of organization, startup or established for developing an Innovation Management System (small-to-medium size businesses, large enterprises (private or listed), government bodies, non-profit organizations, sports organizations and entertainment, etc.). A separate guideline applicable to smaller organizations will be available. For small organizations, the issues are identical to those of larger organizations, but they have fewer resources with which to fulfil the requirements. This will require an adapted version of the innovation management system specifically suited to their purposes.

A few more explanatory words on its applicability are required. The standard is intended to be universally applicable to all of an organization's processes, tools and methods. That is exactly what makes innovation and new product development so difficult: as it always will be a multidisciplinary and crossfunctional activity. That is also the fundamental reason why so many organizations are struggling with innovation and new product development.

A few more explanatory words on its applicability are required. The standar The IMS will integrate with other management systems (e.g., quality ISO 9000 & Environment, ISO 14000) by using specific Reference Documentation. It is applicable to the development of new products, as well as services and processes. The reason why we chose this broad scope, can be illustrated as follows with quite an extreme, and at the same time very down-to-earth example. A ton of sand is a bundle of services. The sand is quite uninteresting as it is the most common of commodities people can think of. It is how the sand is delivered: where (not on the path to your front door), on the specified time (not later), with a clean truck, by a competent driver who does not destroy your driveway, a correct invoice, and with a smile. This illustrates sufficiently that 'product' cannot be artificially separated from `service' and 'process', even in the case of such commodity products. A generic definition of 'product' will therefore always and by definition include services and process components, and some products are actually no more than bundled services, processes or process improvements.