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Achieving good environmental quality and high energy efficiency during the operation of a building is complicated by a number of real world factors that go beyond the mere application and availability of technology. A number of different parties control indoor environmental quality and energy consumption, and they are often not the same party. The relationships among some of these parties, particularly between building operators and mechanical systems designers and between building operators and occupants, are subject to communications problems and stereotypes held by all. Sometimes energy conservation measures can also achieve environmental quality, but other times the two goals are in conflict. A new tool forthcoming from the U.S. Department of Energy will enhance analysis of the environmental impact of energy conservation measures (ECMs). Given the human factors involved in the operation of buildings for energy efficiency and environmental quality, real progress will depend on improved communication, education, and incentives.

Authors:Lawrence J. Schoen, P.E.
Citation:IAQ and Energy 98 Using ASHRAE Standards 62 and 90.1 Conference Papers
Keywords:October, Louisiana, 1998

Citation: IAQ Conference: IAQ 98