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Configuration Management, a discipline popularized by its use in the acquisition of defense systems, is widely used for commercial products and services. When Configuration Management principles are applied using effective practices, return on investment is maximized and product life cycle costs are reduced. This standard is intended to be used when establishing, performing, or evaluating Configuration Management processes in any industry, business enterprise or government organization.

This standard describes Configuration Management functions and principles and defines a neutral Configuration Management terminology for use with any product line. Configuration Management (CM) applies appropriate processes and tools to establish and maintain consistency between the product and the product requirements and attributes defined in product configuration information. A disciplined CM process ensures that products conform to their requirements and are identified and documented in sufficient detail to support the product life cycle. CM assures accurate product configuration information and enables product interchangeability and safe product operation and maintenance to be achieved. Although product configuration information does not include project or administrative types of information (e.g., schedules, plans, and cost information), these types of information may also be placed under Configuration Control.

The small investment in resources necessary for effective Configuration Management is returned many fold in cost avoidance.

CM implementation requires a balanced and consistent implementation of CM functions, principles, and practices throughout the product life cycle. CM facilitates orderly identification of product attributes and provides control of product information and product changes used to improve capabilities; correct deficiencies; improve performance, reliability, or maintainability; extend product life; or reduce cost, risk or liability.


Document History

  1. TechAmerica EIA-649-B

    Configuration Management Standard

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  2. TechAmerica EIA-649-B

    National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management

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  3. TechAmerica EIA-649-B Draft

    National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management - Draft

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    National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management

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  5. TechAmerica EIA-649

    National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management

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