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The choice of glazing is a critical stage in the design of a building. Very often, architects select the glazing at the end of the project, taking into account only aesthetic aspects and building first costs. They are unaware that an unwise choice could involve problems in comfort or require excessive energy consumption in order to reach acceptable comfort levels. This paper shows that the choice of glazing must form an integral part of the design of the building and depends on a certain number of parameters. This study is based on a great number of thermal and lighting simulations. These simulations were carried out by coupling two programs--ADELINE and TRNSYS. It covers office buildings and shows us the following:
• In order to select a type of glazing, it is necessary to know various parameters relating to the building or the room studied. We should also know up to what point these parameters have an impact on glazing selection.
• We see that it is essential to study the aspects of lighting in parallel with the aspects of thermal comfort (winter and summer). This paper shows how the integration of lighting criteria can weigh in the choice of glazing.
• When analyzing the simulation results, one must determine which are the glazing selection criteria. For example, these criteria can be of environmental, energetic, or economic nature. In this paper, we also study how the choice of the criteria of analysis can influence the choice of glazing.

Authors: Magali Bodart; Andre De Herde

Citation: Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Buildings VIII

Keywords: December, Florida, 2001

Citation: Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings VIII