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Full Description

The detailed information, figures, and examples contained within this User's Manual are provided to aid the user in designing, installing, and operating buildings in accordance with Standard 62.1-2004.
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Standard 62.1 was written to be code-enforceable, and therefore contains only mandatory language.

A CD accompanies this manual containing the 62MZCalc spreadsheet that assists in the Ventilation Rate Procedure calculations.
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This manual used in conjunction with the standard:

  • Offers information on the intent and application of Standard 62.1
  • Explains the Standard through the use of sample calculations and examples
  • Encourages the user to apply the principles of good indoor air quality and effective ventilation when designing buildings and building systems
  • Provides useful reference material to assist designers in efficiently completing a successful and compliant design
  • Gives guidance to building operation and maintenance personnel

The user will also be instructed in the application of tools used for compliance with Standard 62.1-2004. This Manual does not reproduce the requirements of the Standard, but rather paraphrases and explains them.

This manual is intended to be used by architects, engineers, manufacturers of systems and components, plan examiners, field inspectors, general and specialty contractors, operators and maintainers of buildings.

Format: Softcover 8.5 x 11

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Note: The download is in .zip format (5.36 MB). You must have WinZip or an analogous program to open this file. The zipped file includes a PDF of the User's Manual and three Excel worksheets to assist in certain calculations.

Units: Dual

Citation: ASHRAE Book


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