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The revised and expanded edition of SSPC's most widely used visual reference features over 50 full-color photos of painted and unpainted steel surfaces before and after dry abrasive blast cleaning.

Like the original version published in 1989, the revised SSPC-VIS 1 contains photos depicting four unpainted, rusted steel surfaces prepared in accordance with the SSPC/NACE specifications for white metal, near-white, commercial, and brush-off blast cleaning, plus additional photos depicting various white metal surfaces obtained with different metallic and non-metallic abrasives.

In addition to the all of the photographs found in the original, the revised SSPC-VIS 1 contains an entirely new series of photos depicting three previously painted surfaces cleaned to white metal (SSPC-SP 5/NACE No. 1), near-white (SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. 2), commercial (SSPC-SP 6/NACE No. 3), industrial (SSPC-SP 14/NACE No. 8), and brush-off blast (SSPC-SP 7/NACE No. 4) finishes. The revised SSPC-VIS 1 also contains a new series of photos that show variations in white metal surfaces caused by differences in profile height, angle of view, and lighting.