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About This Item


Full Description

SSPC-SP 1 is used to specify removal of visible deposits of oil, grease, and other soluble contaminants from metal surfaces before additional mechanical means of surface preparation are employed. All of the SSPC surface preparation standards require solvent cleaning to SSPC-SP 1 prior to performing any additional cleaning required by the project specification. Removal of heavy deposits of oil, grease, and dirt is important, because power tool or dry abrasive blast cleaning can push these contaminants into the surface profile.

SSPC SP 1 requires removal of large deposits of grease, oil, and other soluble material by scraping with hand tools prior to the use of an approved solvent. The type of solvent used must be compliant with local environmental safety and health regulations and must be capable of removing deposits of soluble contaminants on the surface that are visible with the unaided eye. A nonmandatory appendix lists additional methods for verifying cleanliness that the owner may choose to include in procurement documents.

Document History

  1. SSPC SP 1


    Surface Preparation Standard No. 1: Solvent Cleaning

    • Most Recent
  2. SSPC SP 1

    Solvent Cleaning, Includes Editorial Revisions (2004)

    • Historical Version